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Jowst Tournament platform

Mesajde RandomGuy » 21 Aug 2012, 18:12

Tell me about Jowst!

Jowst is a free tournament platform for both casual and competitive gamers that aims to centralise a players gaming experience into one easy to manage competition hub.
Boasting a comprehensive and unique reward & results system Jowst intends to show each player’s achievements and gains through their unique and innovative public profile. There is nothing else quite like it.

So, creating tournaments huh?

Whether you're a casual gamer wanting to host a tournament with your friends or a tournament organiser in charge of an international event, the scope of Jowst can cater for any competition large or small.
The good thing is if a team is already set up on Jowst then they are ready to go and can enter your tournament instantly.

I don't want to create tournaments, just play in them!

This is what we expect 90% of our user base to do, so if you have no desire to run tournaments that's perfectly ok you will still have the pick of hundreds of concurrent tournaments running on every platform and game imaginable.
It's good to know that the ability to run a tournament is always available to you if you get the urge at any point in the future!

Lets face it, we're all geeks!

It's a cliché but we are, and we're proud of it! Therefore it is important to have every piece of information at your finger tips, this is where Jowst comes into its own.
Showing every conceivable stat that gamers crave, from tournament participation and win/loss ratio to being able to discover which teams are your biggest adversaries and viewing your form over time, this not only helps you pick the tournaments best set to your skill level but also helps you improve.

Va puteti inscrie cu link-ul meu, daca castig 250$ promit ca o sa fac o competitie pentru comunitatea noastra.
Sunt informatii ca lucreaza impreuna cu cei de la Team Paradigm dar nu am gasit nimic sa confirme asta.
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