Sky Pirates of Tyria

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Sky Pirates of Tyria

Mesajde Tudy » 20 Iun 2013, 22:01 ... e-25-2013/


Skill and Trait Balance Update
We’re introducing our largest balance patch ever in this build, which includes significant updates to traits and skills to introduce more viable build diversity. Every single profession trait line is seeing changes and we’ve also made updates to some less popular skills to improve their effectiveness.
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Custom Arenas and Spectator Mode are out of Beta!
Custom PvP arenas allow players to host private matches and customize their map settings. This feature is leaving beta, which means that Custom Arena Starter Kits will be available for anyone to purchase in the Gem Store. Spectator Mode is also officially out of beta – together, these two features allow for practice, competitive play, and tournaments!

Mortar Mastery Joins the Growing List of World vs World Abilities!
Players can increase their mortar effectiveness by training in Mortar Mastery. Improvements in this line include increasing mortar blast radius, beefing up on damage, reducing skill recharge, and even adding a new skill, Mortar Barrage!


More info: ... t-changes/
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Re: Sky Pirates of Tyria

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Re: Sky Pirates of Tyria

Mesajde Draghy » 21 Iun 2013, 22:14

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