PvP Tournaments

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PvP Tournaments

Mesajde Ronah » 02 Aug 2012, 07:05

Pe GW2Guru este postat un interviu cu A-net despre turneele PvP ce vor fi realizate


Cateva citate din acest interviu
Tournaments will be restricted by region. This is for technical reasons. We will deal with worldwide tournaments in a manner outside of the online tournament system.
I can say that we want to support the e-sport community, and we follow contemporary e-sports to learn from the example set by great companies supporting their communities.
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Re: PvP Tournaments

Mesajde dem0 » 05 Aug 2012, 23:42

Poate sunteti interesati si de asa ceva: arranged tournaments

http://www.guildwars2guru.com/topic/461 ... rangments/
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